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Yankees game on April 24 was Darvish to the mound. (Part 2) [Darvish 2012]

Darvish looked back to the first game with the Yankees. (Part 2)
[Round 4] for Darvish

Yankees game on April 24 was Darvish to the mound. (Part 2)

[Voice of the U.S. media;

◆ New York Times (WEB)

(26 Japan time) the next day, April 25,
Usually very harsh tone in the famous New York Times (WEB),
the Two people of the confrontation Darvish and Hiroki Kuroda
"Two Japanese Starters: One Good, One Great"
Were headlines and praise.

◆ ESPN sports station (WEB)

Darvish was bidding for the Yankees,
Bid is not a far cry from the $ 51.7 million in the Rangers, the Yankees were only $ 15 million.

Cashman to have said that GM, "aptitude bid price" and about it,
Tongue-in-cheek "if he knew if the results of this day's game,
GM Cashman would have to challenge him with a serious attempt to get" ESPN is.

◆ New York Post (WEB)

Future in the game of Yu Darvish, if you throw more than this day "If,
Pitcher to achieve 2012 season, the perfect game would be not only Philip Humber "
※ Philip Humber:
White Sox pitcher has achieved a perfect game against the Mariners (local time) on April 21

◆ FOX Sports (WEB)

Introduces the discourse of the Rangers Manager Washington.
"He was wonderful. I would have say that Darvish is getting better and better?"
"Was as he had said. I think as their own (Darvish itself) is still better"

(c)AFP/Getty Images/Ronald Martinez
Accept a hug Darvish celebrates victory was greeted in Washington
(C) AFP / Getty Images / Ronald Martinez

[Voice of the other major players and supervision;

◆ To take off Mark's cap

Teixeira is repressed no hits in four at-bats, struck out one to Darvish.
First baseman of 1.8 billion yen annual salary, Mark Teixeira.

"He has the ability of the street had heard. It might be over.
He gathered the ball in the corner of the base, the ball was moving all"
Teixeira took his cap off to Darvish.
"Hiroki (Kuroda) we are. We could not cover him at all sorry to Hiroki had a great pitching.
" But he was out of any respect for the pitching of Kuroda.

◆ A.Rod left in silence

Bottom of the third. A.Rod ended in grounded into double play hit a grounder to third
at the chance of the bases loaded and one out.
(One strikeout) no hits in four at-bats result.
He remains concealed appearance in the clubhouse after the game,
he did not come out in front of the press until the end.

◆ Derek Jeter send the praise

Derek Jeter hit a two hits.
"Darvish is interwoven with all the type of a ball, he is.
Was a great pitching for the Yankees hitters all"
"We are the first confrontation is a tough fight. He.
Was all combine as a pitcher, even in the pitcher who always"
"His ball control is good, he was always ahead in the count cast in" had sent a compliment.

◆ Manager Joseph Girardi of the Yankees roll the tongue

Girardi is in reference directed the "Operation wait sphere"
the data Darvish was suffering from difficulty until the last ball control.

But said, "was getting better every time pitching his ball control is good, throw."
Girardi was wrapped tongue to the height of the ability to adapt to the MLB of Darvish.

◆ Rangers catcher Mike Napoli

Darvish and I was talking with, which is a good battery.
"He used me. Him. The type of a ball have a lot of really how to throw all very easy to do with him.
I have come to mind"

"I am increasingly able to understand them, our relationship has become very well," he said.

◆ Manager Ron Washington

"If Darvish improve from now, I have become a special year for the Rangers this season."
"I think he was using all the ability he has, to him it was necessary tonight," commented.

[Double Play of the best part / game strikeouts with 10 (Darvish) New York Yankees;


Go for it! Darvish! "Road of Major League Baseball"

Darvish looked back to the first game with the Yankees. (Part 2)
[Round 4] for Darvish

Yankees game on April 24 was Darvish to the mound. (Part 2)

Darvish pitched plans "Road of Major League Baseball 2012"

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